Intelligent Material Solutions, Inc. (IMS) develops products that leverage the extraordinary properties of patented rare-earth crystals.

Our team consists of an experienced group of scientists with diverse backgrounds in Material Science, Opto-electronics, Sensing, Biochemistry, and Genetics.

IMS’s core technology is based on proprietary crystalline devices having programmable electromagnetic energy conversions which can be used to provide information and/or energy when needed. IMS has developed and patented novel technologies that enable control of the size and shape of energy converting crystals.

The inert, crystalline structures convert energy and provide information. As a result, they can be utilized in a very large number of applications in which energy and/or information is needed. IMS’s technology has been deployed globally to ensure the quality and authenticity of bank notes and consumer products.

IMS is actively developing novel applications in many industries such as life science, anti-counterfeit/supply chain integrity, agriculture, dental, defense, transportation, energy (oil & gas, solar), display lighting, and many other markets. IMS markets its products under the Sunstone® (Energy) and Intelligent Material® (Information) brands.

“Intelligent Material Solutions Inc. has been a reliable supplier delivering hundreds of kilograms of material per year on time and within specifications to our facilities globally in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. In addition to being a reliable supplier, IMS has been a partner in working with us to design and optimize materials to meet our specific needs. IMS has worked to continuously improve their products and processes to provide the most advanced materials in the world."

— Senior R&D Scientist, Fortune 500 company

Intelligent Material® can be incorporated into any type of ink, plastic, metal, water, solvent, drug formulations, etc.

IMS proprietary synthesis methods allow for high purity crystals that can be grown to any shape or size with the ability to engineer energy conversions from almost any wavelength to any other wavelength. Temporal properties such as rise and decay lifetimes can also be controlled.

IMS is constantly exploring novel material chemistries enhancing performance and expanding into new areas. Core/shell architectures, paramagnetic and plasmonic nanomaterials are some of the areas of development.