IMS has developed a sensor capable of real-time, low level detection of exhaled gases and their isotopes, allowing for a better understanding of oral and general health.

Sensor capable of real-time, low level detection of exhaled gases and their isotopes
Tabletop Size

The sensor will be miniaturized to fit on a bathroom counter. The approximate size of the proposed sensor is a 16oz cup.

IMS Technology Characteristics

  • vRapid analysis time
  • vPortable
  • vSensitivity (ppb)
  • vHigh signal resolution
  • vRange of gases
  • vAutonomous Operation
  • vHighly Modular
  • vLow Cost / High Value

Characteristics of the Competition

  • vMost tests lack necessary sensitivity
  • vHigh cost
  • vFragmented supply chain
  • vRequire frequent service for calibration

The Sensor System

Rapid analysis time

Heat map of the sensor during continuous operation

The Hydrogen gas is isolated from the laser/detector module with welded sapphire windows. The laser and detector temperature are controlled by four independent thermoelectric coolers. Current is driven through the laser and detector to produce desired parameters.

Operating temperature of -40°C to 50°C

Absorption of H2O and CO in the mid infrared region

Our laser scans across this region at 100 times per second and if water or carbon monoxide enter the beam path, the detector’s signal will slightly change. Based on the change in the signal, the sensor can detect CO at 1ppb with 10ppt resolution and .1ppm water with .1ppm resolution in Hydrogen.

  • Developed in partnership with Shell Hydrogen to maintain integrity of H2 Supply Chain
  • In-line, ppb levels of detection of H2 impurities to be installed at H2 refilling stations worldwide
  • 1ppb CO & 1ppm H2O from single laser/detector assembly
  • Operating temperature of -40°C to 50°C
  • Sealed reference gas detector enables continuous & autonomous operation for at least 2yrs before calibration
  • System lifetime ~10yrs
  • ATEX Certified (Class I, Div. 2)/Non-Incendiary Device

We are experts in optical, electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering

Intelligent Material Sensor

— Made in USA. In-house manufacturing of all major system components

  • Lasers (QCL & ICL), IR LEDs, Detectors & Preamplifiers, Electronics & Software (FPGA)

— Highly modular can be adapted for other applications

  • Non-Invasive Glucose
  • Blood/Urine/Saliva Analysis

— Patent Protected/Pending